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>> This does not eliminate the MTTF of the system, but can serve to make it
>> arbitrarily large, and using erasure codes this can be done with minimal
>> overhead.  The consequence of this, for transhumanists, or any entity for
>> that matter, is that life expectancy will be given by the MTTDL (mean time
>> to data loss) of the underlying storage mechanism responsible for storing
>> the bits that make up the mind.
> Yes, you also need redundancy at higher levels than "the system": you need
> backups; preferably several of them, widely separated physically,
> politically, economically, etc., in order to protect against not just
> equipment failures but natural disasters, political and economic failures,
> and deliberate malicious attacks.

True, but all of this does is expand the definition of the system. There is
still a MTTDL (for the multiple copies of the redundant systems) and it is
still finite.

Making faults statistically independent, helps a lot to make the increase
in MTTDL higher, but so long as we are on earth there are only 8 nines of
annual reliability for any system, planet killing asteroids strike about
once every hundred million years.  Depending on your calculus for nuclear
war's probability, we might be as low as 2-3 nines..

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