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I suppose you would call me a lefty type, the kind of person who might
naturally belong in NYC or LA. You forget that a lot of rural California is
heavily conservative, and most of New York State is also quite conservative.

My lefty type family lives in, and is from the South. They have friends
with similar views. And you know what? We live in the South, we also own

On Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 5:06 PM, frank mcelligott <frankmac at ripco.com>

> First of all Trump is a grad of  the university of Penn.  You must have a
> low regard for the ivy League, and talk about it as it was some Community
> College in Montana.  If he was stupid, it never happens; they the ivy
> league will never allow it.   He is rich, ok he was lucky.  He has 50% of
> the American people on his side.   And the military, and the police, and
> the center of this country.  What the other half has is the coasts east and
> west.  In California no guns, in new york no guns, in Arizona everybody has
> a gun. Same trump supports in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee,  have guns too.
> So he says I am not leaving the election was un fair to many Mexicans voted
> , as well as those people with phony driver licenses,   He then argues that
> the two states that should not be counted are New York and California. The
> Military agrees that both states are not part to the USA and should not be
> counted because of who voted.  That means Citizens should only vote and
> illegals should not.. So do the police agreed in the other 48 states.
> Now what happens,  Tax the living day lights out of California and New
> york, Make Silicon valley move to Iowa, Place a wall around both states,
> and let their economy die like a sour grape on a northern California wine
> vine.
> Want to fight about it, what do you have on your side, not a gun just a
> piece of paper.  The other side has 360 million guns and a natural hatred
> for both states.  Case closed.
> The paper is backed up my  45 colt,  and that 45 colt says your paper does
> not count,  so don’t wave it in my face instead  stuff it in your mouth.
> All of this depends on the 2018 elections.
> If they (dems) win the house, and try to impeach him,  those 50% who
> support him will revolt, and if history tells us anything (turkey is
> latest) First the judges, then the elected officials, then the college
> professors all jailed, and you have a man who will promise then a free
> election in 2020 .
> Please read some history,  South America is a great place to start. And
> for a primer to this talk about constitutions  read about how Putin came to
> power at the turn of the century.
> Frank
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