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SR Ballard sen.otaku at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 23:16:49 UTC 2018

> I just have this one question for anarchists:  if you are totally opposed
> to socialism in any form, then we have to get rid of police departments,
> fire departments, street, food inspection and dozens more (yeah, there are
> probably more than a few we could eliminate without endangering anyone).
> These are not the kind of socialistic things that force all sorts of things
> on people - they are just people voting to be taxed to get these things
> done without having to do them yourself.  Public safety, in other words.
> Re heroin and other drugs - I used to all for total personal
> responsibility and no laws at all about what one can put in one's body, who
> one can have sex with, and all the rest.  I have changed just a bit as a
> result of my early career in clinical psych:  there are drugs, and I would
> include heroin, crack, and meth, that are just too potent and too many
> irresponsible people who would not only ruin their own lives, but the lives
> of their spouses and children.  I hate making them illegal, but there is
> just too much temptation for many people.  And I would not put people in
> jail for distribution or usage:  I would make therapy and education
> mandatory, though.  Repeated arrests could result in having to do public
> works after work or on weekends.
> bill w

Most anarchists I know are for the abolition of govt police, govt firemen,
govt inspection of food, etc. The replacement for these things varies. And
I personally don't find it realisitic. But that's why I'm not an anarchist.

I just don't understand how/why people would choose to use meth, heroin,
etc just because they were legal. There's no sudden incentive to use them.
They're stil as horrible and destructive as they ever were. The problem
with making them illegal is that there are things attatched to that -- a
criminal record. They are convicted of use/distrobution. Even if we made it
so that it was just theraphy and education, it would still be a criminal
record. And at least in our modern world, that creates a lot of problems,
lots of jobs that now, you can never ever have. Even if it became a
misdeminor instead of a felony, that's still a lot of closed doors.

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