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SR Ballard sen.otaku at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 21:13:42 UTC 2018

> I volunteered to help build a predator cage for a wild life rescue outfit.  I can do a bit of basic carpentry.  So I get there and there are two guys dressed to kill in hammer belts etc.  I ask what I can do - build a door.  So I build a door.  They are standing in the middle of the area talking about pi r squared and cubed and so on.  What does anything have to do with circles, I think?  So I ask them what they are doing.  They want to calculate the length of a board going from the wall to the rooftop.  So I tell them about Pythagoras and wonder where they were in high school (and did they get out of it?).
> I learned this in 7th grade.
> I guess this is common, eh?  
> bill w

So very extremely common. Volunteer a weekend as a tutor in a college and see where that ends you up. It’s eye opening.

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