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On the other hand, we might find a brand new way for our civilization
to fall apart.  Widespread computer and network failure might do it.
I wonder how close we would need to be to a GRB to wipe out the
technical infrastructure?


>…GRB or EMP, i think the probably of "war" spilling onto the technology infrastructure is higher than xrisk from natural phenomena.  


>…Maybe there doesn't even need to be a physical attack, memewars are pretty effective too…




Eh, memewars don’t really wreck stuff all that much.  It just causes us to be pissed off at each other.  That can be easily enough repaired, more easily than bombed out factories, destroyed infrastructure and farmland, crippled people.  With memewars, we have the option to just stop at any time, to become a memewar non-combatant, an option I chose some time ago.



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