[ExI] Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter

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>...An analogy from history could be the interesting fact that human
civilizations around the globe discovered agriculture near-simulteneously
(especially in relation to the age of the species over-all) and so expanded
out from several points at once. Although this still resulted in some
civilizations that were more advanced more quickly (mostly those that
collided with each first, and so were able to start stacking innovations
faster), the difference was not that huge.

>...There could be several other life civilizations all arising to the space
faring level about the same time. The question is which will collide fastest
and gain the early adopter advantage? Another reason that we should seek out
collision with aliens, even if it is difficult, to start trading technology
and learning as fast as we can.


Ja, but there is another factor with human expansion: when two of the
civilizations you described encounter each other, they fight.  When two
civilizations fight persistently, they develop technological advances from
developing superior weapons.  Then using the technology developments from
superior weapons, they develop other technologies which advance the
civilization, and eventually allow modification of the species and its
educational tools.  Technology wins, humanity wins.

When two spacefaring species encounter each other, it isn't clear that any
of those warrior technology arguments still hold.


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