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Ja, we know these 70 dollar DNA kits are not terribly accurate, but they did a terrific job on mine.  I was able to find DNA-linked cousins in both Sweden, Germany and Ireland, and trace right back to the place they came from in two of those three cases.  I would give them a score of not perfect but good, a solid B+.


>…Did you read the article? It's not about the tests being inaccurate, it's about the inherent limitations of the process of determining geographic origin from a set of SNPs.






Ja, that is what I was referring to as well.  It gives geographic estimates based on matches who are from those areas.  Regarding accuracy, it is accurate in finding people who share segments of DNA; I have no complaint there.  They found some geographic stuff in mine I find questionable, or at least I hope they are wrong: it traced to France (oh mercy, not France.)



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