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I think we might have incompatible views because in my opinion if you think Norwegian Wood is an improvement on traditional Indian music then you have a screw loose, lol ;)


I mean the Beatles are pretty good for a boy band....




Note the innovative melodies John Lennon wrote after he became guru-ized and they visited India.  Compare early bubble-gummy easy-breezy boy-band tunes from before that 1968 Inida trip to the chaotic innovative stuff after that 1968 tour.  It was clear to me the lads spent their time listening to Indian music and asking themselves how it can be westernized (since the traditional Hindu music doesn’t use the same scale we do (so the result needed lots of minor key stuff (cool!)))


The weird and marvelous result was the creative chaos of the Beatles’ White Album.


I consider that album some of Lennon’s most brilliant work.



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