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> > Deciding not to choose because neither candidate is good enough for you
> is silly because evil is not a all or nothing quality (…)
> >
> What is silly to me is the promotion of the usual partisan politics with a
> the hope of a different result.  If only we voted harder and coronated a
> different puppet in DC, the world would be safer!  I wonder if you believe
> Barack Obama deserved his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize?
> When you vote and participate in government rituals, you are giving
> support to the organizations that have created the evil that threatens our
> world today.

### Out of principle I do not vote but I would not say government created
much evil - I'd rather claim that government is a conduit channeling the
evil within the hearts of both the ordinary people and the elites, mixed
with a humongous helping of stupidity.

This is why I doubt that cryptocurrencies and similar technologies will
banish evil. For this to happen a more profound change will be needed - an
open and modifiable goal system will have to instilled in all participants
in a society to extirpate the source of corruption at its root. As a former
president said, a "fundamental transformation" will occur.

Clean slate minds, implemented on secure hardware, bereft of the dark
impulses, never cheaters at the prisoner's dilemma played with others of
the same bent, examining and willing to be examined at the core of each
other's motivation, will build the unassailable social construct, a society
of transcendent moral purity, that will wipe the floor with us, the unclean
ones. For in reality, moral purity is strength, and truth is power, but
neither implies universal beneficence.

This article describes a spontaneous invention of the shibboleth in
simulated minds playing the prisoner's dilemma:


The authors' interpretation is an exercise in silly leftoid moral preening
but the substance of the article is beautiful. These tiny constructs,
hardly deserving to be called minds, hold a powerful lesson to us. Humans
will soon become truly perfectible, when uploading opens root access to our
souls. Some will choose the path of purity.

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