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On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 5:16 PM, William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com>

> I am a liberal and support welfare to the needy.  The Indians are needy
> because they have a depressed culture full of alcoholism, drug addiction,
> crime,and a high suicide rate.  Would you leave these people alone to
> suffer?   I would try to help, but the status quo is not working.

Why do they have a depressed culture? Maybe it was because their recent
ancestors were driven from their land, decimated by diseases to which they
had no resistance, and forced to give up their language and culture.

If they are going to be members of this society, they need to contribute to
> it.  I think that's a standard everyone, liberal or conservative, will
> support.  Otherwise how can they respect themselves?  Maybe they don't, and
> that's their basic problem.

Ah, the wise white man thinks he understands the problem and has a fix.

I agree with no reparations: black, Indians, anyone.  This reminds me of
> original sin, the idea that Adam and Eve sunk all the rest of us by their
> disobedience.  Humbug.  I am not responsible for what my ancestors did, and
> the offspring of the victims are not harmed by what was done to their
> ancestors.

I agree that we aren't responsible for what our ancestors did but I
absolutely disagree that that natives today were not harmed by that.
They've lost most of their culture and are forced to live on land that
can't really support life.

Help people get on their feet, and THEN leave them alone.

I say that it's OK to help them is they ask for help. It's not OK to
presume to know what they and force it on them. That's the "leave them
alone" part.

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