[ExI] Forbidden Words

J. Stanton js_exi at gnolls.org
Sat Feb 10 21:31:33 UTC 2018

I have found that sentences like this are reliable indicators that the 
person who wrote them isn't nearly as smart as they think they are.

I also find that such people reliably project their own failings onto 
those they attack.

This was true decades ago, when the Moral Majority and PMRC projected 
their own failings onto the rest of America - and it's true today, as 
SJWs eagerly take up the mantle of shrill, humorless, self-aggrandizing 
censorship to become the new American Taliban.


On 2/10/18 1:01 PM, John Clark wrote:
> Unhappy desperate people tend to do stupid things, like vote for Donald
> Trump.

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