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> This is not an intelligent person's way of having a discussion.  Don't get
> sarky with me and I will return the favor.  bill w

Sorry, Bill. I can't help it.

dave  They've lost most of their culture and are forced to live on land
> that can't really support life.
> ---
> I don't think it is true that they cannot leave the reservation.  Where
> did you get that idea?

I didn't mean to imply they can't leave their reservations. Of course they
can. Legally. The problem is they can't afford to relocate the reservation
to better land.

> And just who is failing to let them regain their culture?

Large pieces are irretrievably lost, Bill.  Like their language, religion,
and way of life.

OK, so they can't go roaming around killing bison and white settlers.

They roamed and killed bison, yes. They only killed white "settlers" when
whites invaded and occupied their territory and killed way more of them.

> What else are we restricting them from?

I don't know either, but I'm certain that we don't give them anything
without  strings attached.

And I don't see where anyone is forcing 'fixes' on them, but I really don't
> know.  And I also don't know what good, if anything, has come from leaving
> them alone.  They need to get off their asses, off alcohol, off drugs, and
> get a life of their choosing.  I have no idea how to facilitate this or
> whether we just should leave them alone.  Some people just won't be helped
> - they'd rather sit and be miserable.  If I am wrong, show me.

You presume to know why they're miserable and how they can fix it. You're
evaluating them by your own yardstick, not theirs.

To get a bit technical, the murders of Indians, the forced shoving them
> around, putting them in places they did not want to be, and all that,
> perhaps created a cultural 'external locus of control' situation.  (If you
> had an inner one, you'd be sure that you could solve your own problems.
> Outer = others have to do it for you).  Surely the Indians recognized the
> far superior nature of the European culture and also their powerlessness to
> resist it.  (Another technical term here is 'learned helplessness')

I'm sure they didn't recognize the "far superior nature of the European
culture". *I* don't think European culture is superior. They were savages,
too. They just had better weapons and communicable diseases.

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