[ExI] woman gets on luggage belt, goes thru x-ray machine

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So have I.  I didn't think they would be liquefied, though.





Well, you know Steve, I had always kind of vaguely imagined the person would appear nekkid in there.  That’s why I used to hang out near the luggage machine hoping some attractive granny would hop on the belt.  


The result was a bit less sexy than I had supposed…




I would like to know what will happen to her now.  Is Dr. Rafal among us?  Would that dose be enough to nuke her innards?  Can she still have babies, if she waits a few cycles?  How the heck does that work?  I don’t recall seeing a warning on those machines in the airport, but I do have vague memories as a very young child there was an x-ray machine at the shoe store (not kidding, they had one.)  We survived that.  So perhaps this melting woman will be OK.












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I have always wondered what would happen if some yahoo did this.








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