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>…It's called prepared learning - meaning learning that comes easily because there is a strong genetic basis for it.  ….


>…So just be on the alert for types of learning.  Nothing is completely genetic, no matter how important it is for the creature.…bill w




Cool, so prepared learning is related to, or is a special case of what Gould would call preadaptation. 


Excellent observation BillW.  This leads to my strong contention that humans are preadapted to learn far more efficiently the lessons we map for their primary education in half the time we allot to it.  This is a collective failure to fully take advantage of technologies currently available for teaching and learning.  We are stuck to the notion of teaching students in the format of a single lecturer and a group of students learning a long-established curriculum, the factory model of education.


Humans are preadapted to learn at twice the pace.  The students are ready.  The teachers and school systems are not.


To the society which first figures out there is a better way to do education will go rewards beyond our imagination.



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