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OK Alan, here ya go:



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"...science in general (‘Science is just one of many opinions’)..."


The religious may not be skeptical of pure science as a whole, yet might be skeptical of Newtonian-derived science-- inchoately suspecting Newtonian science to be outdated in some way.


The distinction between pure and applied science is often blurred. Though the article mentions that the religious are the group most skeptical of science, the religious may not be skeptical of scientific research albeit they could very well be of its application. A religious person could trust a scientist to be unbiased; yet an engineer, industrial contractor--and so forth--applying the results of research would not be perceived as being unbiased. 

Not that the religious necessarily feel that applying science is hopeless in outcomes, however there may be a sense of the dislocation involved negating positive gain. Perhaps all positive material gains. Eschatology is not concerned with laboratory research-- but rather, of the outcomes of human endeavor, which naturally includes scientific application. Eschatology itself is not based on hopelessness, it is about spiritual redemption in a post-apocalyptic world.


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