[ExI] A Researcher Wants to Test the Effects of Microdosing on Cognitive Ability and Productivity

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Tue Jun 12 23:42:06 UTC 2018

"To trendsetters, artists, and tech nerds, microdosing is nothing new: in
Silicon Valley, people have doing it for a long time
aiming to optimize their performance. Microdosing involves using tiny,
controlled doses of psychedelic drugs in the same manner one might use
 or Adderall to give themselves an edge in a hyper-competitive environment.

In practice, microdosing is just like it sounds: taking between five to ten
percent of a recreational dose of a hallucinogen such as LSD, mescaline
(peyote), or psilocybin (magic mushrooms). Such a small dose can’t send you
on a “trip” or make you feel high, but it’s just enough to give you an
overall sense of well-being, and expand your behaviors and thought patterns
to become more creative. In short, microdosing — when it works as intended
— has been said to give adherents more productive, happier days

However, even the most diehard proponents of microdosing can’t point to any
scientific studies on the practice, and instead have to rely on their own
anecdotal evidence to convince others (assuming they care to try and want
to share their secret). Thus far, Sofia University’s James Fadiman has
produced the best evidence <http://www.bbc.com/news/health-39516345> of
microdosing’s positive effects. Fadiman and his research partner collected
anecdotal evidence of users for analysis. While the users’ reports of more
creative thinking and energy, and less procrastination and depression may
be convincing to laypeople, this is not the kind of evidence drug
regulators and lawmakers are looking for."
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