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> The metaphor about the book came off as misleading to incorrect

Given that Preskill is one of the world's leading experts on quantum
information and is the Richard J Feynman J Feynman Professor of Theoretical
Physics at the California Institute of Technology it might be wise to
entertain the possibility that you could learn more from him about physics
than he could learn from you

*​>​going off on how it's all mysterious and spooky*

Niels Bohr said it best:

"*Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it*."

*​>​Rather, if you look at one entangled particle, the unusual thing is
> that you then know properties about its entangled partner - even if said
> partner is light years away, you know the information instantly*

That is the simplest possible
example of quantum entanglement involving a single Qbit, Preskill was
talking about far more complex systems where thousands or millions of Qbits
are entangled
, the sort of thing you'd need for a quantum computer.

​John K Clark​
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