[ExI] Should the US Have a Military Presence in Space?

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What if the gov. built its own stuff?  Not having been in business of any kind (academia) I have no idea whether the quality would be better, worse, or no different if there weren't any profit motive to building those things.  I suspect worse, but I dunno.


>…We know from NASA experience that the gov't *can* build its own stuff (yeah, they subbed most of it out). I'm skeptical that the gov't can be competitive with commercial makers, if any exist.





Sure but consider a quiet transition.


Picture in your mind warfare please.  You might have imagined fighter planes swooping around, guys in trenches with machine guns, nukes and submarines and carriers and tanks and grenade launchers and things.  But modern warfare is none of that.  Real modern warfare all takes place inside the computer.


Over time, a warfighting system is becoming more and more software based.  The effectiveness of a system depends more and more on secrecy, how the system works and even its existence.


Think it over: you can’t even write a specification for it.  We know how to write specs for a carrier or a fighter plane or any of the stuff we don’t need anymore.  How do you write a specification for a system which will get into an adversary’s computer and cause havoc?  And if you did, how can you put something like that out for competitive bids?


Answer:  ya can’t.


So, get military ossifers to do the work, all of it, because they can be controlled.


Prediction: most military equipment once built by aerospace biggies will transition to where it is being done by military people.  Much of it already has.  What branch of service will control the most advanced stuff?  The navy has been the traditional answer, but why not the Space Force?  It sidesteps the existing deeply-entrenched power structure, the usual headaches in admirals protecting their turf, etc.  


Who would know if most of what it was doing had nothing to do with earth orbit?





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