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What's the best way to save your DNA for your children?  They will have far more tests and sophisticated tests than now, and so I want to have that information available to my offspring.




bill w




It’s really easy if you are male.


Hey this sounds like a great idea for Alcor.  You would need to collect the sample yourself of course, then they could preserve it in an easily retrievable form way into the future.  All the infrastructure is already in place.


Thinking deeper: it is easy for females too.  Not as enjoyable perhaps.


Having your DNA available for your descendants, that’s a grand notion, and noble as hell.  


Hmmm, let me try conjugating that with a different simile.  That grand notion is as noble as the Crawley family was before Britain began to ask:  Hey why the heck do these few families own everything in sight?


BillW, well done, me lad.  You just handed Alcor a way to make a buttload.



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