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>…Ideas are not cheap if they are world-changing….


Ja.  All my ideas are cheap.  Therefore they are world-stays-the-saming.


Since we are told the world is coming to an end in 12 years because of climate change, we must take follow my ideas on climate change.  Result: climate stays the same.  Problem solved.  BillW, see how easy this is?  Three dollars and fifty cents please.


>…Spoofing the religious conservatives seems like a great idea to me.  Let me know your method and I"ll send the $3.50.


bill w



I thought of some better ideas with the whole concept.  It depends on how much it costs to get a sample carbon-14 dated.  If it isn’t expensive, or a university has a machine which they use to train students (so it is done with volunteer/slave labor and doesn’t cost much of anything) then I can imagine some fun stuff we can do.


For instance, well sure, mess with the creationists heads (as if their heads haven’t already been messed with too much.)


But once we pull that gag, think of the other.  We created 14C-free veggies, well OK we can create 14C-enriched veggies in a similar fashion.  Background abundance of 14C is about one part per trillion.  Imagine we go on a 14C-enriched diet, then measure the abundance of 14C in various tissues in the body over time.  I would be willing to extract a blood sample every month and of course…the other…and we could take a sample of something like skin (depending on how much the test needs (is 10 mg enough?)) and a sample of bone (filings from a tooth?) then see how the 14C levels change over time.  Assuming I don’t get too carried away with collecting samples of… the other… it would be really cool to make graphs showing how often various tissues are perfused with carbon from our diet.



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