[ExI] bad news for T haters

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My own theory is that gravity is both positive and negative and the pull/push felt is simply a Net effect depending on factors of density, mass, charge etc of the atom being influenced.
But as for "...empty space contains the dominant energy in the universe" would imply that the void somehow repells everything.
........maybe its some kind of evil twin to nature abores a vacuum. Maybe the vacuum abores nature?
In general terms, in the ying yang way the universe works that almost kinda makes, a bit of sense......maybe.
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In a preface to a collection of scifi stories (Hieroglyph), a theoretical physicist, Lawrence Krauss, says, in an apparent reference to T's head.....
"...empty space contains the dominant energy in the universe, producing a kind of cosmic antigravity that will determine our ultimate future."
btw - just what the hell does that really mean?
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