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On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 12:38 AM Adrian Tymes <atymes at gmail.com> wrote:

> *> Is there a snowball's chance of him getting the California Republican
> primary votes?*

Probably not, but even so this is good news. Incumbent  presadent Lyndon
Johnson was challenged for the Democratic nomination in 1968 by Eugene
Mccarthy, Gerald Ford was challenged for the Republican nomination in 1976
by Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter was challenged for the Democratic nomination
in 1980 by Edward Kennedy, George H W Bush was challenged for the
Republican nomination in 1992 by Pat Buchanan. In each case the challenger
failed however the incumbent presadent was so weakened in the fight he
failed to win a second term in the general election. Of course in this case
whether Trump's failure to win the general election means he won't be
Commander In Chief for another 4 years, or for the rest of his life, is
another question entirely.

At any rate I applaud Weld for making this effort, perhaps he is trying to
make amends for the colossal damage he caused to the country and to the
world in 2016. If the Libertarian Party has one ounce of remaining
integrity (which I doubt) then they will not nominate anybody for presadent
but will instead aim all their support toward Weld. And every libertarian
in California (both small l and large) should immediately change their
voter affiliation to Republican so they can vote in the primary.

 John K Clark
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