[ExI] Opinions on Tesla Model 3?

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Bill look around at the local used market, the 2 yr olds before you decide
to buy.


2 yr olds can't afford cars


Oh wait, you are suggesting instead if a Tesla that Bill buy an Oldsmobile? He won't find one from 2 years ago,  that company went defunct in 2004.








There is a local consignment lot with several Teslas on it.  I was surprised at how low the resale value was.  But now maybe they have the early bugs worked out.  I was considering a young low-mileage Tesla but haven’t bought one yet.  An all-electric is ideal for one who already has a dino-fuel rig for pulling a trailer (I do) and lives in a big suburb (I do.)  One’s trips don’t need to be long.  A 200 km range is plenty for what I need.  Then if I want to go cross country I take the truck.





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