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Tue Apr 23 01:59:34 UTC 2019

A pleasant good morning to all of  my Extropian fiends,  .

I noticed the discussion of the Fermi Paradox a while back, a subject that
never disappoints. It's one of my favorites, and I would have joined in,
but I got lazy.      Then today I happened to run across this YouTube
video, and so I decided, "Well heck, let 'er rip."

Here's the video, Gordon Cooper talking about his encounters with UFOs:


Since Cooper's a pretty reliable guy, it'd be tough to make his report out
to be a hoax.

I had a chat with a friend recently and mentioned that it seemed to be the
default position that UFOs don't exist. The Fermi Paradox itself
***presumes*** this with the question "Then, where are they?"   And it
seems like everyone just continues with the presumption, kind of sort of
like "Have you stopped beating your wife?"   We've had thousands of
sightings by completely ordinary -- which is to say "non-whacko" -- people,
and bunches of claimed abductions, and yet we always start out with "Then
where are they?", studiously ignoring the abundance of unexplained yet
undeniable "events".

I think we've all banded together, and held tightly to the "We're alone in
the universe" notion, out of a long habit of not wanting to be considered
nut jobs.  Which might very well have been "reasonable" early on.  Being
considered a nutcase might very well cause you problems in your real life.
But now, after thousands of unexplained UFO incidents, it is no longer a
reasonable excuse.

It should be entirely reasonable at this point to assume that the universe
is chock full of intelligent life, that they come round to visit on a
regular basis.  Consequently, it is no longer unreasonable to accept the
possibility of abundant alien life in the universe, and that on that basis
the question is just "Why do they refuse to communicate with us?"

But no that's not the way it is. We continue to stick with the notion that
either we're alone in the universe, the first and only intelligent life, or
that if there is other intelligent life out there, we've never seen them.

I'm sorry, this doesn't work for me.  Not any more.  The thousands of
sightings, the multiple reports of abductions, the physical examinations,
the anal probes, the multiple reports of the blue light that paralyzes, the
"expunged" memories that can only be extracted with hypnosis, Betty and
Barney Hill, the Nazca lines and "art", the surgically-precise cattle
"mutilations" with no blood or footprints nearby,...

So, I'm thinking it's time to give up the old default view, fueled by the
fear of being considered a nut job, and embrace that third possibility:
they're all over the damn place, but for some reason they just don't want
to talk to us.

Now, a couple more data points.

A couple of years back, thinking about this, I realized that a nuclear
explosion gives off a unique electromagnetic signature that is a clear
indication of technically-advanced intelligent life.  No natural phenomenon
would cause that "flash". Consequently, every nuclear explosion since
Alamogordo has sent out into the universe a little flash that says
"Technically-advanced intelligent life is happening here." And while we
might very well have been visited by aliens before the nuclear era, the
nuclear era had created a flashing "neon sign" for the entire universe to
see, and thus provoke more "traffic".  When this idea first came to me I
thought, well, how likely would it be for alien observers to notice a
couple of random flashing blips? What I failed to realize was how very many
"flashing blips" the various nuclear powers had actually "flashed".

Then, a couple of days ago, I came across this:

A Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945 - by Isao Hashimoto

Holy crap!  Humanity has been sending out a veritable electromagnetic

And then finally this rather bizarre data point.

Anyone who's followed the UFO business is likely to have heard of the "anal
probe". When I heard of it, it pretty much settled the issue for me.
Clearly the abductees wackos with some underlying sexual weirdness which
caused them to have some sort of repressed anal sexual thingy going on.
And on that basis I dismissed all the abduction stuff as nonsense.

But then about a year ago I began to study up on the microbiome, an
emerging area of intense medical interest and research.  And so, one day,
out of the blue, it hit me like a flash, that those aliens who abducted
people to examine and analyze scientifically/medically, taking germ tissue
samples and other tissue samples, would absolutely want to take a sample of
their microbiome as well.   Which explains perfectly the anal probe. And
with that observation, the credibility/legitimacy of the abduction reports
was reinstated with a vengeance.

Aliens would not have to travel to other planets to study physics or
chemistry. But biological diversity throughout the universe would certainly
provide motivation for coming to places where life had been detected, and
cataloging the genetic data from forms of life found there and nowhere
else.  Without knowing exactly how, that data might very well be of great

 That's it. Enjoy.  Glad to get that off my chest.

          "Everything's hard till you know how to do it."
                                                Ray Charles
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