[ExI] Total Surveillance may be necessary to save humanity

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> Quote:
> The new paper from Bostrom introduces the concept of a vulnerable
> world : roughly, one in which there is some level of technological
> development at which civilization almost certainly gets devastated by
> default.
> --------
> It is controlling the advanced technology that is the problem. Whether
> misused by rogue states or groups or individuals.
> It is difficult to see how this control can be achieved in a world
> where states are seeking to gain decisive advantage and others are
> resisting.
> The AI 'Hive-mind' civilisation might be the only survivable route.

In all the fear of wild, unfettered destructive technology, is there no
consideration of wild, unfettered constructive technology?  Just last week
I was at a space tech conference wherein I had multiple conversations that
could fairly be summarized as, "What happens (legally, or with respect to
various government or private programs) if we send mostly automated,
self-replicating to a convenient extent, construction bots to the Moon and
have them set up human habitation?"

Relevant to this topic, would such efforts (if done outside the control of
government elites directly profiting from it) not be seen, objected to, and
shut down by a government with total surveillance just the same as a
terrorist building weapons?  To give but one example of specific harm that
the proposed change would bring about.
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