[ExI] Opinions on Tesla Model 3?

Randy Burkhardt randy.burkhardt at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 20:56:31 UTC 2019

The thing I would want to check out is battery life, the popular news
indicates batteries are not going to be much easier to obtain in the
future.  Everything else I could deal with, bad circuits, broken stuff.
But that's me, I'd love to have one if I could drive it for a good while.

On Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 1:36 PM Bill Hibbard <hibbard at wisc.edu> wrote:

> I recently had the opportunity to drive a friend's Tesla
> Model 3 Dual Motor Performance. It's very tempting:
> 1. Self driving seems to work.
> 2. Very smart and helpful map display and other internal
>     electronics.
> 3. Expensive to buy but cheap to operate.
> 4. Last but surely not least: performance equal to the
>     fastest motorcycle I owned in my youth. Zero to 60
>     in about 3 seconds without the noise and frantic gear
>     shifting. Just pressed back in the seat and you're over
>     the speed limit quicker than the reaction time of your
>     foot on the accelerator.
> While we're waiting for significant biological enhancement,
> a vehicle can feel like an extension of your body. This
> Tesla is a very seductive extension.
> But, is buying a Tesla a good idea? Any advice?
> Bill
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