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>> > I see plenty of countries in which that disparity is way greater than it is in the USA, and they seem to be living with it.  
> Due to technological advancements accelerating income inequality is a worldwide problem but the rate of increase is most dramatic in the USA. The US income inequality is greater than that in India or ANY country in Asia or ANY country in Europe, the only countries where it's higher are in Africa and South America where they tend to have revolutions every other day.
> And the USA also does poorly on economic mobility, Canada has twice as much and Denmark three times, in the USA if you're born poor you'll probably die poor.

Would you cite a reliable source for those numbers? The first thing I found regarding social mobility was this data from 02012:


Which shows Canada and Denmark as closer together in terms of mobility, but with the US comparable to Switzerland, the UK, and Italy. (I’ve always thought of the US as being a classless society as more national myth than reality.)

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