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>… As you can see Americans are far too optimistic while most other countries are somewhat too pessimistic, only the Italians get it about right and see things as they actually are. I don't think we can count on the people in the US remaining so unrealistically optimistic forever, and when they wise up there will be hell to pay.     


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John K Clark




But what if they don’t?  Americans might keep being unrealistically optimistic, the desperately poor will send each other snapchats on their iPhones about how they are going to be millionaires, political candidates peddling optimism will keep winning over the realistic ones peddling reasonable pessimism, and the desperately poor will sit in McDonalds and Starbucks posting unrealistically optimistic snapchats about how they are going to be the next millionaire.  It will be so not fair.


The whole unrealistic mobility fantasy will be fueled by young billionaires who came up with an idea, carried it through and damn well did come out of nowhere to become unrealistically rich.  These purveyors of unrealistic optimism must be stopped, lest their unrealistic optimism spread.


If we hand the government unlimited power to audit and tax what we own instead of what we make, then they will be able to stop all that unrealistic iPhone chatter about becoming millionaires and the desperately poor on their iPhones will stop it already and accept their wretched poverty!  Then they will rise up, start internet searches on what is a pitchfork and where might they procure one.  How shall we cope woe be upon us.



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