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I can understand where people are coming from, for the most part. But education is not really being discussed in a meaningful way.

I work with high school students all the time, in a normal/shitty public school on mainstreamed education. 

If y’all think people understand their options in life, you are quite mistaken. Kids probably understand their options even worse than when I was in school. The mindset, very much, is you go to college or you are a failure.

But advice about college is bad, and the money issues around college are worse.

People think you have to be XYZ type of person to do software type jobs. Beyond that, some people just do not have what it takes to be the founder of anything.

The choices available to the kids I work with seem very narrow and it fosters a bad mindset. I think that is what everyone is failing to take into account.

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>> Rafal I'm a capitalist same as you, 
> ### Dunno, reading some of your statements makes it hard to believe it. I am a brazen, balls-to-the-wall Capitalist with a pinch of ancap. Your support of capitalism appears to be rather subdued. 
> Money will set us free!
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