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On Jul 18, 2019, at 5:17 AM, John Clark <johnkclark at gmail.com> wrote:
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>> > I would think a game like Omaha/8 is a popular poker game that’s much more complex than Texas Hold Em.
> Well maybe. Omaha/8 has a lot of rules so it's probably a harder game to learn, the rules for No Limit Texas Hold Em may be simpler but it could be a harder game to get really good at because of money management, you must constantly change your strategy depending on how much money is in your bankroll. And if you make one mistake you can loose a lot of money very fast.

That’s a characteristic of no limit game — not just Texas Hold Em. And here Omaha/8 is even more complicated here because you can get quartered — meaning you can win the Hi or the Lo while your opponent wins both, so you end up getting only a quarter of the pot. (Of course, quartering is a feature of Hi/Lo not of No Limit, but combining the two means you have to be even more careful.)

> Anyway it's complex enough, the World Series of Poker that is played every year in Los Vagus uses No Limit Texas Hold Em and the victor typically wins millions of dollars.

I’m not sure the WSOP weighs in on how complex the game is. If anything, I think that would weigh in favor of it being less complex. My point was merely that it’s not the most complex poker game — even among popular poker games. I’d venture to say Texas Hold Em is fairly easy to learn. It gets complicated because of the play — but Omaha/8 plays the same here: flop, turn, river — and number of players — a Texas Hold Em game can get ten players in a hand, but that’s true of Omaha/8 too. 

And, again, if we go outside popular casino games, one can add in all kinds of crazy rules to make a game more complicated. (And people do that to spice things up (supposedly) or wreck their adversaries’ chances (my guess; I’ve won many a hand by calling a round of Omaha/8 at a table of Hold Em players back when I was active;).)


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