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*> But 200 million "flyover country" folk getting tired of 100+ years of
> urban media culture that holds them in naked contempt, of which your repost
> of that comic is an enthusiasticly complicit drop in the tsunami? Yeah,
> that just might do it.*

If somebody behaves in a contemptible way the logical response is to hold
them in contempt, and I like to think of myself as being reasonably
logical. And voting for a corrupt lazy egomaniacal dimwit who hasn't read a
book in 40 years is contemptible, and voting to get him reelected is even
more contemptible.

The news just broke that the protests over the construction on the new
Thirty Meter Telescope  (TMT) on Hawaii's Mauna Kea have gotten worse, the
TMT would have provided 12 times the resolution of the Hubble Space
Telescope and many times its light gathering ability. The protests have now
gotten so bad that for the safety of the astronomers they had to shut down
all activity on the mountain, 13 of the largest telescopes on the planet
that are already there are now out of action. The reason they shut down the
number one place for optical astronomy in the world is because they think
some idiotic God of theirs lives on top of the mountain and told them He
doesn't like telescopes. It's time to take a stand, you're either with the
enlightenment or you're with the barbarians, if you don't find their
behavior contemptible there is something wrong with you.

Hawaii telescope protest shuts down 13 observatories on Mauna Kea

John K Clark
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