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> Are we trying to start a fight about calling flat earthers dumb, or?

### I was surprised to hear that there is a vigorous flat-earther community
in the US. I can kind of understand the existence of creationism - with
millions people being exposed to a religious upbringing some of them will
try to systematize the contradictions between that upbringing and the
information they obtain from non-religious sources. Creationism is how a
relatively sane mind might respond to having massive discrepancies in
available data but not enough emotional stamina to accept unpleasant
conclusions (such as loss of hope for redemption).

But flat-earthism? This is looks like a full-on paranoid delusional
syndrome capable of spreading among susceptible individuals but not (as of
yet) a cult. It's not a religion, it's not quite a conspiracy theory, it's
not a fear-driven phenomenon like anti-vaxxing but it does share important
features with all of them. And flat-earthers are not even dumb, they tend
to be smarter than average.

Mankind's insanity never ceases to amaze me.
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