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Human drivers cause 1.16 human deaths every 100 Miles? I don’t think I understand. My aunt has been in 26 motor vehicle accidents and there has never been a fatality. My mom drives from Florida to Texas and back 3-4 times per year and has never killed anyone. 

I only know 2-3 people who were involved in fatality accidents, and one of them was killed when riding a moped.

I think that the statistics here are skewed heavily by outliers, like buses crashing. 

How many hundred miles have you driven? How many people have you killed?

Where are all these fatality accidents?

The Federal Highway Administration thinks Americans drive 3.2 Trillion Miles per year or so. A quick look at Wikipedia says there are on average 1.16 people killed per 100 MILLION miles travelled. 

So google car is only 1/10 of that number. Give it another 90 Million miles and we will talk. 

SR Ballard

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>>> >> I'm sure today's self driving cars are not as good as the best human drivers but they are already better than many human drivers and perhaps better than average.
>> > The problem with self driving cars is that they are also brittle.  When they fail, they fail spectacularly because they have no common sense or actual conception of what they are doing outside of their brittle model.  That's why we get Teslas ramming into barriers at high speed without even braking killing their passenger(s). 
> Waymo (Google's self driving car project) has driven 10 million miles on public roads since 2009 without a fatality, it has had 14 accidents but all of them were minor and only one was Waymo's fault. Granted that is not proof of anything as human drivers in the USA produce 1.16 deaths every 100 miles but it is evocative of things to come because driverless cars get better with time but human drivers don't.
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