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>...BillK, this one really has my attention because we have the technology
to do it now.  It would be pricy, but plenty of AD patients have money
coming out the wazoo.  ... perhaps get them down to 4 digits.  Once they are
in 4 digit territory, the potential sales, oh mercy, it makes me ache just
thinking about it.  spike

Then it occurred to the hapless engineer that he was overthinking the
problem by an order of magnitude.

If we go with the notion of a wheelchair manikin for the elderly AD
patients, many of them are sight impaired.  This means we don't need to be
very sophisticated  with the facial-expression actuators at all.  We need a
two-axis to bend and rotate the neck, a jaw actuator, an eyebrow actuator
and not a heck of a lot more.  From the neck down it is easy (assuming it
doesn't have THAT capability.)

I think we could come up with an economy model that is little more than an
Alexa with about 4 or 5 actuators.  No need to have moving arms or hands.
This won't be hard to do at all.  We could get waaaay down into the low 4
digit numbers, perhaps even eventually 3 digit numbers, if we accept a
single actuator (for the jaw) and don't worry about it if we cut corners
with the hair and skin.


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