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Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Sun Jun 30 01:55:08 UTC 2019

Quoting Brent Allsop:

> There are ?week?, ?stronger? and ?strongest? forms predicting how we will
> be able to eff the ineffable nature of the physical quality of the redness
> someone can directly experience to other people in this ?Objectively, We
> are Blind to Physical Qualities
> <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uWUm3LzWVlY0ao5D9BFg4EQXGSopVDGPi-lVtCoJzzM/edit?usp=sharing>?
> paper.

Your paper references Jack Gallant's work but what you call "effing"  
technology is more popularly called "mind-reading technology" you  
should see what they have accomplished with fMRI and deep-learning  
algorthms these days. One of the pioneers in the field is now able to  
use your EEG(!) fed into a deep learning neural network to reconstruct  
the faces you are seeing during the experiment.


> You are basically making the falsifiable prediction that consciousness or
> qualia arise from mathematics or functionality.  This kind of functionalism
> is currently leading in supporting sub camps to representational qualia
> theory, there being multiple functionalists? sub camps, with more
> supporters than the materialist sub camps.

So the question now becomes can an algorithm reconstruct your qualia  
from your brain-wave data without itself experiencing them?

> So, let?s take a simplistic falsifiable mathematical theory as an example,
> the way we use glutamate as a simplified falsifiable materialist example.
> Say if you predict that it is the square root of 9 that has a redness
> quality and you predict that it is the square root of 16 that has a
> greenness quality.   In other words, this could be verified if no
> experimentalists could produce a redness, without doing that particular
> necessary and sufficient mathematical function that was the square root of
> 9.
> But, if the prediction that it is glutamate that has the redness physical
> quality that can?t be falsified, and nobody is ever able to reproduce a
> redness experience (no matter what kind of mathematics you do) without
> physical glutamate, this would falsify functionalist and mathematical
> theories of qualia or consciousness.

If hooking EEG electrodes to your head allows a machine to show me red  
whenever you are looking at red, then which does that falsify?

Stuart LaForge

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