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OK you cheaters, as inventive as you are (and I am impressed), revise the puzzle to require:  female prostitute; sailors all male; all three sailors have sex with the woman.  Four different STDs.  Hint available...


bill w



BillW, that clarification doesn’t remove the ambiguity at all.  We live in an age when humans with all (traditionally) male sex organs and all the testosterone-related bone and muscle structure are competing and winning scholarships and medals in women’s (Title 9) competitions.  The sports world is falling all over itself trying to figure out what to do with it now, but wait, the real challenge is clear and in the easily-foreseeable future.


What happens when an athlete who had been running well but not winning men’s athletic competitions decides she will now compete in women’s competitions… and begins to set world records?  Will those athletes get an asterisk by the new records?  If they don’t, will those who were born with female sex organs never again be able to even get close to a world record in women’s sports?  How will Olympic committees react when American “women” show up wanting to compete in women’s sports?  I don’t know to all the above, but it will be most entertaining to watch them deal with the mess.




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