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Thu Mar 7 18:15:31 UTC 2019

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> > *The constitution is what gives a POTUS any authority at all. *

A tank is pretty authoritative too and POTUS is The Commander in Chief.

> *> A POTUS can’t get someone arrested, but they could have someone
> killed.  It wouldn’t be legal of course. *

Do you think the current POTUS would hesitate to do something for one
nanosecond because he thought it was illegal or immoral? I don't. The only
thing that would hold him back would be fear it wouldn't work, and given
the fact that he's not very bright it indeed might not work; but with his
huge ego he probably imagines himself to be a more skillful criminal than
he really is and even an unsuccessful coup would be a very bad day.

* > If you want something to worry about, consider this.  The US government
> has become completely dependent on a communist government loaning it money
> just to make normal expenses.  China’s government has the authority to
> order its people to desist lending money to the US at any time.*

And if they did that China's economy would go into a depression even deeper
than our own because they are dependent on world trade even more than the
US is. Incidentally just yesterday it was announced that the USA's trade
imbalance hit a all time high record level last year despite of, or rather
because of, Trump's policies. The $1.5 trillion tax cut for the super crazy
ulta rich had to be paid for and that was done  by borrowing, and that
increased interest rates, and that strengthened the dollar, and that made
it easier for the US to buy stuff from China and harder for China to buy
stuff from the USA. Also Trump's high tariffs slowed China's economy
weakening their demand for foreign goods.

America’s Trade Deficit Hits Record $891 Billion

> *> Your worrying about a dictator rising during peacetime is distracting
> you from the real danger the world really is facing.  China is planning to
> take ownership of a huge swath of the Pacific. *

That is worry #942 on my list.

John K Clark
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