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>>…What if… there was a way (or perhaps there already is a way) to buy the equivalent of stock in a law firm?  Investors can keep the firm afloat and keep its staff paid while they work on the case.  That would create a money equivalent to the breezy verbiage on Quora where people are guessing at the value of a civil case.

>>…Law hipsters among us please: can a person buy stock in a law firm?






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I found something!  Sharksavers.org


bill w






BillW, you had me going there.  I fell for it.  {8^D


Think about it, business hipsters!  There is a buttload of money to be made: create a “stock exchange” where a law firm can set up common shares for a particular case, then sell their shares as needed to keep the firm afloat while they work a case.


Oh we could get crazy rich off of this: we set up the exchange, charge the firm 1% of their stock to handle their transactions (as Predict_It does) so the law firm starts with 99%, then we charge the “stock” buyers and sellers 1% for transaction fees.  Then, as the case whipsaws in the press, it stimulates sales, so the “house” makes money both ways.


There is a prominent case in the news where a citizen is suing a news agency.  I read the comments on Quora and see there is a huuuuge diversity of opinion on the merits of the case, many of these opinions written by actual lawyers and people who sound hip on civil law.  Any time there is a wide diversity of opinion, there is money to be made on people willing to put their money where their mouth is.  It is like a specialized version of Predict_It.  Oh there’s money to be made here I tells ya!










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