[ExI] fermi question alive and well

Dan TheBookMan danust2012 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 14:41:50 UTC 2019

On Mar 27, 2019, at 6:56 AM, <spike at rainier66.com> <spike at rainier66.com> wrote:
> This question has been front and center in my mind for most of my life:
> https://earthsky.org/space/meti-workshop-in-paris-fermis-paradox-great-silen
> ce
> I am no closer to an answer now than I was in my misspent youth.

It’s one of those perennial questions... By the way, I’ve always thought the Drake equation misleads people: one can have really accurate ranges for some of the variables but even having just one variable having a wide range means the solution range is wide and not useful.


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