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John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Thu May 16 12:35:36 UTC 2019

Rafal Smigrodzki <rafal.smigrodzki at gmail.com> wrote:

>> *how big can a place be that you could still say any member in it is
>> "associated" with every other member? Apparently you believe any person in
>> the USA is "associated" with every other person in that country, and in a
>> way that's true. The USA is pretty big but it is not the biggest there is.
>> And Harcore libertarians believe all nation states are artificial
>> illegitimate divisions anyway and the undisputed largest group of
>> "associated" people is the entire population of planet Earth. So does any
>> person on Earth have the right to kill any other person on the Earth if
>> they don't want to be "associated" with them on the same planet?*

*> ### You shouldn't argue in this way. I said I renounce the right to
> dictate to others who they should associate with, and you reply by asking
> me if I want to kill anybody I don't want to associate with. Do you see the
> disconnect between my rather meek suggestion and your question?*

I don't think I was being unfair because you said "*Anybody can live in my
home - if and only if they are invited and come voluntarily. Obviously, I
do not invite hostiles to my home and, since it's *my* home, on a whim I
can bar even nice people from entering*".

I agree with most of that except for your use of the word "home", you
obviously don't mean the few thousand square feet under your roof but the
few million square miles in the entire USA. And even that may be too small
because true hardcore libertarians think nations are phoney artificial
divisions, so if you count the entire Earth as your "home" do you have the
right to kick me off the planet (perhaps into a hypothetical afterlife) if
you don't want to be associated with me?

You also said "*Illegal immigrants tend to be less intelligent than legal
immigrants*". I know of no evidence that supports that idea and can't think
of any reason to believe it might be true. I admit I wouldn't be very
surprised if it turned out that Illegal immigrants who get caught tend to
be less intelligent than Illegal immigrants who don't get caught, but it's
just a hunch and I have no evidence to support this hypothesis.

*> ### No, John, I will not do politics with you. *

That is probably a wise move on your part.

 John K Clark
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