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>…One of the most tragic and frightening things about schizophrenia is the loss of control.  The person experiences delusions, which he often knows are false, and hallucinations which, again, he may know at some level are not real…bill w



BillW, being as you are the guy here (only guy here) with formal training in that field and expertise on that topic, I would value your commentary on the excellent movie A Beautiful Mind.  This one is of particular interest to me, for I am 4th cousin to John Forbes Nash, two different ways.  (Thanks Ancestry.com.)  


I still have (distant) family in the Bluefield WV area.  We have identified where Nash’s house was.  I hope to go there and fall prostrate before that house which is still there, that sacred shrine, grovel and beg forgiveness of Evolution because my own distant cousin was so brilliant but I suck.



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