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Greetings fellow journalists,


It’s weird on multiple levels.  I am watching the simmering debate on Julian Assange.  In the USA, we tend to extend US Constitutional rights to foreign nationals in many cases, so they don’t really quite know what to do with that whole freedom of the press/speech business.  I see some arguing that Assange is not a real journalist, so freedom of the press doesn’t apply to him.  But I see nothing in that first amendment that says anything about journalists.  That word isn’t even there.  


So I look around for a definition of the term journalist, and if there is some kind of professional license or something (there isn’t.)  But I see posters here and there say things about “recognized journalist” so, well OK then.  Can we all recognize each other as journalists?  Can this forum become a journalists’ hangout?  Then if so, are we extended all US first amendment rights?  



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