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>>> …Can this forum become a journalists’ hangout?  Then if so, are we extended all US first amendment rights?



>>…Yeah. Just what is the 'press'?  No license.  No degree necessary.  No sense necessary…

bill w


>…Look at the text of the First Amendment.... It already covers both freedom of speech and of the press…Regards, Dan



It is too easy to imagine the outcome of this situation:  


OK so we will burn Assange, since he published all that national security stuff and wasn’t really even a journalist.  It really shouldn’t set a precedent.  Publishing national security stuff is bad, and the New York Times, well, OK we will burn them too, but only when they do the political stuff, and perhaps the Washington Post and maybe the LA Times.  Newsweek of course publishes stuff they shouldn’t.  And Time magazine, but they are way past their prime and CNN, MSNBC and a few others hafta be taught a lesson.  Those guys have all published stuff sensitive to national security, claiming to be journalists, but in any case we got that bad old Julian Assange, did we not?  We got him!  And we cleaned up the airwaves and internet while we were at it, cut right on down with that old fake news problem and the national security problem, solved that.




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