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Well, after all, I did minor in statistics and psychometrics in grad school and taught it for many years.  Unlike you, I have no idea how many people overlook or don't know about this concept.  Why would they if they had not taken stat?  


bill w



I worked at a big company for many years.  In a big company with lotsa engineers, people tend to get known for things, and can specialize.  My thing was mathematical modeling and statistics.  I had to make pitches to management to help them with some (what I woulda thought was) basic understandings, such as correlation is not causation, and restricted-range effects, closely related pre-selection effects, stuff like that.


Pre-selection is really big in graduate school applicants, because really almost all of those applicants are smart.  They are already top students to even presume they have a chance of admissions.


You really caught my attention with the post because I was a GRE champion.  I have a fun story about that if you want it.






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>… correlations between GRE performance and graduate school performance are small (recent Science article), it does not mean that what is measure by the GRE is irrelevant….But people wanting to go to grad school are mostly pretty smart - restricted range.


bill w 



Billw, you made my day.  There are far too few, tragically few, who understand restricted range effect.  People who do not understand how that works are surprised at how little correlation there is between pro football linebacker salary and weight.




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