[ExI] China will soon spend more money on scientific research, than the United States!

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>> *>> What should be done to preserve the technological power of the West,
>>> against a resurgent and tyrannical China?  *
>> > Remove the Republican party from office.  Their policies encourage
>> America's economic decline.
> Truer words were never spoken! And the best way to remove the Republican
> party from office is NOT to vote for some idiotic third party candidate who
> doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning even one electoral
> vote.

I don't just mean Trump.  Indeed, a monomaniacal focus just on Trump would
be redundant.

I also mean the Senators, the Representatives, the Governors, the state
legislators - any and every partisan race.  In many cases, where a Democrat
can not be run or has no chance, this does absolutely mean a third party or
independent candidate - and probably a conservative who might fit within
the Republicans, but owes no loyalty to what that party has become.  If
done completely, this would likely (after a few election cycles) result in
one of those third parties replacing the Republicans as the second major

For instance: the California Republican party is already a distinct
minority, long since out of power.  But how might they be removed entirely,
and replaced with someone who can represent conservative interests without
loyalty to out-of-state interests counterproductive even to the
conservative Californians?  There are conservatives and they deserve
proportionate representation - but for all that (most of) the elected
Californian Republcans disavow Trump and his backers privately, their ties
to him hamper their ability to represent their constituents.  They could do
a better job in another party or as independents, but good luck convincing
them of that.
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