[ExI] Artificial intelligence is changing every aspect of war

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> “What do we do when AI is applied to military strategy and has
> calculated the probabilistic inferences of multiple interactions many
> moves beyond that which we can consider,” asks wing-commander Keith
> Dear, an RAF intelligence officer, “and recommends a course of action
> that we don’t understand?”
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> Western governments insist that humans will be “on the loop”,
> supervising things. But even many of their own officers are not
> convinced. “It seems likely humans will be increasingly both out of
> the loop and off the team in decision-making from tactical to
> strategic,” says Commander Dear. The expectation that combat will
> speed up “beyond the capabilities of human cognition” recurs in
> Chinese writing, too, says Ms Kania.
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> That's the critical point! Not only that AI strategy might be too
> complex for humans to understand - it will all happen too fast for
> humans to process. An AI enabled war might be over before humans
> realise that it has even started.
> Though that points out the need for AI enabled defence systems as well.
> BillK

It still feels true

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