[ExI] Fall, or Dodge in Hell

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> The elements of the book which took place outside the shared digital
> reality were quite well done. Especially the extrapolations of current
> trends, for example; various religious extremists clinging to ever more
> absurd dogmas, atavistic libertarians forming ever shrinking and devolving
> little tribes, social media and human knowledge being so manipulated that
> there is no clear common view of reality.

### Lack of a common view of reality is and since time immemorial has been
an obvious feature of our social world. Stephenson uses up-to-date jargon
and modern social tropes to restate the obvious.

He doesn't write about various religious extremists. He very specifically
concentrates on vilifying American flyover state Evangelicals. This is just
ritual denunciation of an out-group, not a plausible extrapolation of

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