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And now the CCP tribe and the United States and her allied tribes, are
engaged in what may become the greatest feud humanity has ever seen! This
is due to the ruthlessness of the CCP, combined with their ever growing
economic and military power, which may surpass the U.S. by only mid
century. Throw in convergence technologies such as robotics,
bio-engineering, AI, nanotechnology, hypersonic smart weapons and
human/machine interfaces, and we could have a war that ends humanity (from
a variety of scenarios) and leaves our mind children in charge.

I hope the CCP leadership mellows out over time, but l have my doubts. So
far what our economic cooperation has accomplished, is to create a world
class adversary.


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> Feuds have gone on in Scotland for hundreds of years. The Middle EAst is
> one giant feud between the Jews and everybody, and the Sunnis and the
> Shiites..  No doubt one could find such things all over the world.  Korea
> and Japan -Japan won't apologize for using Korean women as whores for their
> army.
> How does it end?  One attacks the other, does some damage, and the other
> has to get revenge.  Getting actually even seems never to occur.
> I am no expert on evolutionary psychology, and none of you may be either.
> It was not that long ago that the world functioned at the tribal level and
> I suppose we have not had the time to evolve beyond that. So we are stuck
> at the level of the tragedy of the commons - every man/tribe for him/itself.
> Let's upload everybody and then have the AI pull the plug.
> bill w
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