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Frankly, it was easy.  Quitting cigarettes was, physically,much harder.  …    bill w




A good friend of mine passed away earlier this year, age 90.  He was a colleague and mentor of sorts.  He said the same: at age 45 he decided to make some major changes in his life.  He was sitting in a bar with his wife and another couple.  He said “Hey babe, would go get me a pack of smokes?”  She got up and he said “Nah never mind, the hell with it.  I quit.”


The others said “No pal, that really really isn’t the way it works.”


Naturally a friendly argument ensued, bets were made, escalations escalated, until he took up the challenge to give up cigarettes, alcohol, grass and all cussing.  The cussing was easy, grass fairly easy, the alcohol harder but he managed it.  The cigs: that one really took him down.  He struggled and struggled against it, with the determination typical of this particular guy.  But he stayed with it, under the theory that if the smoking defeated him, he would drop back into the rest of it too, and he didn’t want to do that.


He spent two full months craving smoke at the intensity of the first day without.  Then he noticed he was getting by OK without it.  When we worked together, he had been 15 yrs without a cigarette, but admitted he was one cigarette from a 3 pack a day habit.  If he smoked even one, he would be back where he was.  He collected on every bet.  After his year was over, he went back to alcohol, beer only, cussing some, left the tobacco and grass to fade in the mirror.


BillW, best wishes to you for giving it up.  I might argue it’s the reason you are with us today.  There is plenty of life without the feels-good chemicals: TCH, alcohol and nicotine.  Compensate with plenty of caffeine and you’re good to go.



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