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One of the best explanations I've read.
>From the American Institute for Economic Research Long article, but worth reading.



>...The Decimal Point that Blew Up the World Jeffrey A. Tucker – December 16, 2020 Reading Time: 11 minutes


>...Brilliant writing!  Crystal clear explanation.



Thanks BillK!  I had heard the terms IFR and CFR, but this article is the best one I have seen in explaining the terms.

There many moving parts to this story.  One which may have been underplayed is that news agencies are in the struggle of their lives.  Panic stories sell like hotcakes: the get the eyes to the ads.  The mainstream news people ran panic porn continually.  Now their credibility has dropped as a response.  Plenty of us see covid as a severe flu rather than a death sentence.  We have known people who caught it and recovered, some who had a really bad time, others who describe it as an ordinary flu or not even that bad really.

That age demographic is very important.  Considering the median age of fatality with or of covid is about equal to the US life expectancy for men and as old as the current POTUS-elect, it is difficult or impossible to really know what the fatality rate should be.  Belgium has been telling us all along that the numbers depend on how they are counted.


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